Set up by St Mark’s Cultural Association, Florence Writers aims to create a space where authors can develop and cultivate their work. It aims to be a platform from which new writers are encouraged and established authors supported through talks, events, workshops, and more.

We hope this new writing community will be a place where ideas can be swapped and generated, advice and experiences shared, all in a relaxed environment and with the knowledge you are surrounded by like minded people.

As every person is different, so too is each writer and we aspire to cultivate all forms of the written word, from poetry to screenwriting, comics to Haiku, blogging to playwriting.

If you would like collaborate with Florence Writers or simply attend one of our events, please don’t hesitate to contact us either by email or through the Florence Writers Facebook page.

This is a video done by LDM News on Florence Writers at its inauguration in September 2013.

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