St Mark’s Church – a place to worship in Florence

As Christians, ‘worship’ is our entire lives orientated to God. ‘Places’ of worship and the services of worship conducted in them, are therefore a visible sign and witness to that relationship which we all share in Christ and through which we are nourished and come close to Him in Word, Sacrament and fellowship with other Christians.

Worship at St Mark's Church in Florence, ItalyThe founding of St Mark’s Florence in 1877 was a consequence of the Catholic revival in the Church of England. It was also, to some extent, a result of the modernisation of Florence following its time as the capital of the emergent new Kingdom of Italy. St Mark’s was not the first Church of England chaplaincy in Florence, but it benefited from the more open and inclusive attitudes that this time brought to the city and thus recognised the spiritual needs of people from other nations enjoying its hospitality.

Today, we minister to all English speakers living, working or travelling through Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna. The vast majority of our services are conducted in the English language.

Throughout the Chaplaincy in a normal week, we provide a wide range of worship styles to suit the needs of most visitors. These range from Prayer Book services (Holy Communion, Choral Matins and Choral Evensong), to modern Anglican Rites in Common Worship.

Whatever your tradition (or church denomination), we hope that you will feel at home in our life of worship across the Chaplaincy and through it, receive the grace and love of God.

Principal Sunday Worship

St Mark’s Florence:

  • 10:30am Sunday Choral Eucharist

Holy Cross, Bologna:

  • 16:00 Holy Communion or Choral Evensong (1st and 3rd Sunday of the month)

Our principal services are always followed by refreshments (indeed, excellent coffee!) and on special occasions with community meals.

Please note that Gluten-free wafers (senza-glutine) are available at all our Eucharistic celebrations. Please tell the priest before the service if you require this.

Our worship centres have some limitations for accessibility for the disabled, but please ask a Church warden for assistance and if at all possible, tell us in advance.

Incense is currently used at St Mark’s Florence during Choral Eucharist.

Finally. . . .

If you have any further questions about joining our worship, or would like to request a special service, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Chaplaincy Office.

We look forward to welcoming you to our fellowship.

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St Mark's English Church, Florence, Italy