Your Italian Wedding in Tuscany

© Simone Miglietta
© Simone Miglietta

If you are thinking of getting married in Italy, then we can help. We can support and advise you in planning a wedding at St Mark’s, or the Chaplain is happy to travel within Tuscany if you have an alternative location in mind.

The service follows the rites of the Church of England and it is important to note that the service we offer is, technically, a Marriage Blessing and you must have had a registered civil wedding beforehand. However, the service can look just like a ‘proper’ wedding, with bridesmaids, rings, vows, music, processions – should you wish. We simply remove certain legal terms from the liturgy, and there is no register to sign or certificates produced. Oh, and you don’t need to be an Anglican to be married by an Anglican priest!
St Mark’s offers a perfect location for a service, and we can provide musicians or a choir on request. We also have a dramatic, upstairs ‘salone’ for a reception should you wish.
If you are interested, please contact our Administrator in the first instance, to consider suitable dates and explain costs, after which, the Chaplain will arrange to speak to you regarding the process and to agree a suitable order of service.

We look forward to hearing from you.

© Simone Miglietta
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