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Pre-Raphaelite art work - William MorrisIn common with most of the churches and palazzi of Florence, St Mark’s also has a number of fine art works, not least in its beautiful pre-Raphaelite decorations by Morris, Spencer Stanhope and Bodley.

But St Mark’s also speaks eloquently of the transference of ideas in art and design across nations, particularly between England and Italy at the end of the Nineteenth Century.

Visitors to our church will often remark on the beautiful pre-Raphaelite paintings, especially of the Annunciation and of St Michael and the dragon, or of the font and altar reliefs. However, it is also often assumed that they are by English artists or craftsmen. In fact, they are largely by local Italians, such as Professor Guiseppe Catini, (though many are unknown). This ‘two-way street’ of ideas, methods and mediums, makes St Mark’s a rare and important illustration of the historical development of Art.

Pre-Raphaelite works of ArtThe close association with the leading pre-Raphaelites of the day, has also meant that St Mark’s has some truly unique works of art as well. Notably, there is a chalice designed by Holman Hunt in memory of his young wife, (who is buried here in Florence). In its stem, he set her diamond wedding ring.

Some of the most prominent works have now been photographed professionally so that many more people can enjoy or study these beautiful things.

If you would like to access these images, then please go to the online gallery at and use ‘St Mark’s English Church’ in the search facility. Thank you.

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St Mark's English Church, Florence, Italy