Lecture series: Miracles of Anglicanism – Tuesday 14th October at 6.30pm

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The first lecture in the series will give an overview of the historical roots and current beliefs and practices of the Church of England.

Key questions that feature throughout the series will be examined and range from the often confusing nature of Establishment, to the Church of England’s sense of Catholicity.

The way in which the Church of England emerged from the European Reformation is one that many find difficult to understand but most would regard as nothing less than a miracle.

The Church of England has held together diverse religious philosophical and moral positions for over four centuries and the impact of Henry Tudor, among others, will be placed in proper perspective alongside other influences on the spirituality and identity of Anglicanism.

Tuesday 14th October at 6.3pm.

Free entrance and all welcome.


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St Mark's English Church, Florence, Italy