St Mark’s Cultural Association was founded in early 2013 as a platform where music, words and art would create lasting relationships across cultures and communities in Florence and beyond.

It seeks to promote three areas of human endeavour (and therefore, human meeting and connection), namely, music, art and literature, as part of our Church’s Mission. Through the Association, a writing group called Florence Writers was set up to promote and encourage writers in the city, and provide forum where writers and book lovers could meet.

If you would like to know more about our Cultural Programme or the Association itself, or indeed, would like to lead a workshop, launch a book or give a presentation/concert/reading, then please see our online Events page or get in touch with our Artistic Director. Our programme is also advertised on the St Mark’s Facebook page.

As an Association, we are also extremely grateful to the Comune and City of Florence for their patronage (Patrocinio).

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