Pulpit Open Mic Night: Embrace Your Inner Storyteller

Some years ago, the Cultural Association at St. Mark’s started what sparked an Open Mic culture that would soon spread all over Florence. This summer, it’s time for more!

Co-hosted by writer and performance artist Marisa Garreffa, Pulpit Open Mic is a monthly event that invites you to channel and embrace your inner storyteller and performer.

Of course, good things come in three and so do the rules:

  • You may talk about whatever you please
  • You may speak for up to five minutes
  • You are not allowed to use any notes

As with most new beginnings, the atmosphere at this year’s first Pulpit Open Mic on March 28 was cosy, intimate and full of surprises. From the heartbreaking decisions demanded by cancer to wedding announcements, family tales of the generations, and the jubilant joy of making bread: The night’s performances made this new Open Mic series kick off like a rollercoaster ride that was nothing short of spectacular.

But it wasn’t only the spoken word that moved the small group of people who came together at St. Mark’s that night: Improvising musical backing for each speaker, St. Mark’s own choirmaster Morgan accompanied the performances and gave the evening an evolving heartbeat.

Holding on to the moment, most of the group lingered for a while even after the last word was spoken. The shared response rang loud and clear: That night, we were all touched by a sense of magic.

Are you ready to tell the story of your life in five minutes? The next Pulpit Open Mic nights are coming up on the 30th of April, the 30th of May, and the 20th of June.

By Daria Radler

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St Mark's English Church, Florence, Italy